Rhythm For Dancing Lessons Vol. II

“… This lively and vibrant percussion based CD, played by Israeli and African musicians, could be used by dance teachers and their students for class warm ups, choreography and performances… consists of 18 tracks, each track lists its own time signature, feel and beat for each section… an extremely useful disc for dance teachers world wide.”

The idea of recording a CD dedicated for modern dancing lessons came from a dance teacher for whom I play drums in her lessons. After one of her classes, she asked me: “Why don’t you make me a CD of your own music so I can use your rhythms while you are absent?” …. I spend too much time looking for the right music for each different exercise – I wish I could have a solution in one CD… ”

I accepted the challenge to record a CD that will provide an answer to the need of dance teachers who don’t always have accompanying musicians in their class and have a hard time finding the right music and rhythms.

I recorded 18 tracks of music, both in west Africa and Israel, based on drumming and percussion that “imitate” the sort of energy I was familiar with from the many years I spent as accompanying drummer for dancing lessons.

The beats of the tracks of the CD are escalating from a slow swing suitable for “warm ups” to medium and fast swing, from a moderate 4/4 to an intensive African tribal rhythm and many more…

The increasing tempo, from slow on the first track to fast on the last, was made to allow the dancing teacher to choose the most characteristic music for each of his exercises. A great care was taken while choosing the right timings and tempos for the CD and hopefully you, the dancer/choreographer/dance teacher, will find a vast variety of rhythms and music that will help you to improve and evolve your creation.

This CD was made possible thanks to:
Alon Friman, Roger Derhy, Evelin Kluger Kadish, Oran Ben Avi, Hadas Oringer, Elad Gazit, Sue Cottam, Annabel Laister, Itay Eliav, Michael Frost, Tali VashdiI, Matee Morai, Lea Avraham, Golan Zuskovitch, Itamar Doari, Talia Kafri, Dana Masiach, Yair Vardi, Eldad Shrem, Michal Havkeen, Gilad Shmoueli, Melanie Balelli, Lior Ron, Elad Adar, Roy Rieger, Amitai Pariente, Lior Lebovici, Amir Lavi, Tevet Sela, Cloudia Kogan, Nick Laniado, Ruth Gomel,Shmoulik Daniel, Yoni Dror, Sham “chakamoon” Ohana, Amos Friedman, Amir Gvirtsman, Pazit & David D’or, Shimon Even Zur, Yehiel Braver, Bibi, Raanan, Elad Neaman, Tumani D’aibate, Sediki Keita, Salif Keita, Hass Keita, Africa Foot Prince Cape Coast Ghana. My Brothers, Barak & David my sister Noa, and my parents, Alma & Itshak Kafri.

Special thanks to :
Naomi Perlov for the inspiration
Adi Peleg for the brilliant idea

Oded Kafri is an Endorser of Murat Diril Cymbals