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Drummer Oded Kafri  is a solo artist, a one-man party and YouTube phenomenon with over a million hits. He has taken his stage and street shows all over the world, playing some of the biggest festivals and clubs in many different territories. Just to name a few: KOKO London, Greenman Festival UK, Namm Show California, World Percussion Festival New Delhi and Earth Garden Festival Malta. He takes his audience on a seamless and energetic journey, in which they can dance and marvel at his ability. All the while he is mixing styles in the vain of a DJ and giving the audience a live music experience as the “DJ Of The Drums”.

Oded first started to play the drums at the age of 10 practicing at his family home bomb shelter in Tel Aviv Israel. As a teenager Oded Kafri lived and studied music in Paris France, which shaped his musical direction and exposed him to Jazz and world music. In his twenty’s he was an acclaimed session player. In 2008, Kafri was asked to accompany Israeli Singer David d’Or on his world tour which included Womad Festival, UK and Arenas. In 2009 Kafri moved from Tel Aviv to London where he played the drums for the Koby Israelite group performing in high prestige venues. Kafri’s street performances gave him recognition world wide with an on growing following through YouTube and other social media platforms. In December 2011 Kafri joined Beatboxer Beardyman at his Brixton Electric Show. From 2012 he became A Murat Diril Cymbals Endorser. Oded Kafri has been on the road for over a decade in his ‘Drum The World’ initiative and has strong fan bases all over Europe and the UK. Oded Kafri has released three studio albums “Rhythm for Dancing Lessions Vol. 2”, “The Drum Machine Project” and most recently with his new Band in Hamburg the EP titled “Drum The World”. Oded Kafri currently lives in Hamburg Germany, where he is already well known through regional TV and press reports. He was also invited to give a “TEDx Talk” to tell his inspiring story and was featured for the “Kutiman-Mix Hamburg” in 2016. He is signed artist of Off Ya Tree Records and Broken Silence Distribution. In May 2017 he became a presenter for the high end homespeakers Avantgarde Acoustic at the High End Exebition in Munic.



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Live Act Greenman

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DJ Of The Drums

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Avantgarde Acoustic feat Oded Kafri

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Rhythm for Dancing Lessons vol. II HERE

The DruMachine Project HERE

Drum The World HERE




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Oded Kafri is an Endorser of Murat Diril Cymbals