Learn drumming from professionals

The Drum The World Drum School brings exciting weekly lessons for all levels in a nice environment, where you can develop your rhythm feel, grooves and technique. Also, you get to play together with a group of people who are in your level, going through diverse exercises and songs brought by Oded Kafri and Camilo Angola.

There are groups for every day of the week in the evening. Let us know for which day you would like to subscribe in the link below.

Play a real concert

At the end of our learning module, you will have the chance of playing in a big stage with the drumming group and experience the feeling of grooving together live for a real audience!

Group Drum Lessons for your school, company or event

Many possibilities

We also offer drumming group lessons and workshops for events, schools, companies, teams and private groups wanting to enhance their group feeling and rhythm.

Our Location

Oded Kafri is an Endorser of Murat Diril Cymbals